About Natsu

[click the picture to view larger]
[click the picture to view larger]
  • Full name: Kevin Lou Velez
  • Alias name: Natsu
  • Gender: Male
  • Birth date: 12, Jan’ 1998
  • Own URL: – – –
  • Facebook: Click here !!!
  • Twitter: – – –
  • Google+: – – –
  • Live Country: Phillipines
  • Thinks what make Kevin be an otaku: It gives me lesson about life, and the fights are so awesome, also they are just so heart warming.
    Im air-headed and will stay with my friends always loves anime and believes magic is true !
  • Favorite anime: – – –
  • Favorite manga: Manga … I never read one XD
  • Favorite game: Dota
  • Favorite book: Bible and science :3
  • Favorite character: My favorite character is L from Death Note
  • Favorite movie: Movies … Pirates of The Carrribean !
  • Favorite actors/actress: Emma Watson and Nicolas Cage
  • About Kevin’s bio: … … …

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[clcik the piture to view larger]
[clcik the piture to view larger]

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It is a network that talks about anime, manga, otaku, cosplay, and other matters relating to such a thing … 我々はできるだけ頑張ります !!!

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